Perry Mansion

It was not my first time to see the Perry Mansion, I’d seen it up on the hill many times, through its many steps of complete restoration, as it was almost in, what looked like, ruins the first time I saw it.  But this was my first visit. 

Since 1906, the Perry Mansion has proudly overlooked the Chisos Mining Company (now the Terlingua Ghost Town). Unfortunately, bankruptcy and a hundred years of decay overwhelmed Mr. Perry’s dream house — until now.

The mansion was purchased by local legend Rex Ivey, and is now owned by his son, Bill. The Ivey family began renovation of the Perry Mansion in 2015, and after a three-year restoration has renewed the dream and it’s available to all.

Before restoration

And it’s simply amazing. I can’t find words to describe this incredible place, so please check it out for yourself here.

I was actually on a business trip in Lajitas. *And yes, we have business meetings way out here in the boondocks*. I live in Alpine and the meeting in Lajitas was early morning, so I decided to stay over the night before as to not have to travel 2 hours in the wee morning. 

I decided to stay in Terlingua that night, and chose Perry Mansion, because I was so curious, about the history, the restoration, and I was dying to see what it looked like today! 

So, the hill up to the mansion is a little steep and bumpy. But once I arrived at the top, my heart nearly stopped. THE VIEW. My nerdy history self that would usually check out the historic building first immediately took the back seat to this vision of the landscape that was before me. 

Chisos Mountain Range

To the southeast – the Chisos Mountains…. And because it was around sunset, and February they were bright blue and purple and orange and calling my name, telling me to breathe. The view was healing. I recommend visiting in winter because the skies, although always stunning, look different in Winter. FYI

After I came down from the buzz of the view (sort of), I went to check out the hotel. 

It was the slow season (did I mention that winter is a great time to visit?) so I had my choice of three rooms to choose from. I chose the Green Room. It was a downstairs room that opened to a large veranda, and access to lots of space, tables and chairs to chill, and a firepit surrounded by chairs that are nearly impossible to get out of. Perfection. 

The décor – wonderfully unique. The bathtub – huge. The bed – heavenly. Waking up the next morning and taking your coffee outside to see that view again, except this time at sunrise = priceless.

Highly recommended, I loved this place. Are there any more plus sides? Absolutely. The owners are lovely and have a whole host of properties for your preferences. Check them out here.